Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rare Hardcover Giveaway

The Sound & The Echoes is not sold in hardcover, but there's a handful of publisher's proof copies, with color illustrations, which I'd like to offer in a giveaway. Between now and the end of September, anyone who posts a book review on Amazon, then shares the link on the book's Facebook Page will be entered automatically. One winner will be announced every Friday, until the end of September, for a total of 5 winners. of a signed hardcover copy of The Sound & The Echoes.

P.S.: these books are rare, but be aware that there are typos in them, which I will hand correct. There will be one major difference from the final, published novel (the last Abednego scene).

I hope you'll share your unique thought and impressions of the novel. And thank you for stopping by.


Friday, August 16, 2013

New 5-Star Reader Review

A BIG thank-you to littleboodamommy for her Amazon review of The Sound & The Echoes!

"I was completely engrossed in this very well written YA story! I love the world that was created and the character development was great. Mr. Pellucid did a marvelous job of drawing the reader into his universe and KEEPING the reader there. This book is a must for everyone's 'To read' list!...."

Read the full Amazon review.

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The Sound & The Echoes is now free on Amazon.

Fans have made the book into a best-seller. I hope you'll join the fun!

 You can read your free eBook on all your devices.