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The Sound & The Echoes Book Reviews

"The story shares a number of similarities with the Harry Potter series... but the unique, complex Echo world is enough to set this story apart... Fantasy novel that readers hungry for magic and adventure will gladly devour." -Kirkus Reviews

"'The Sound & the Echoes' is a riveting pick for middle grade and young adult fans of high adventure, recommended." -The Midwest Book Review

"Pellucid has created something truly magical, with descriptions that will carry you into this frozen fantasyland and make you never want to leave." -M. Fan on ZigZag Timelines book blog.

"Coming from someone who has read her fair share of fantasy books, I have to admit that most of the time I was in awe (honestly!) as to how Pellucid came up with such mind-boggling ideas." -Micheline, Goodreads Librarian.

"Dew Pellucid offers a reader much, awakening an indefinable, irreverent child-like depiction of an imaginative, strange, beautiful world." -Sean Randall, Goodreads Librarian.

"This was my first time reading a story that was magical. I really liked it... Will reminded me of someone real. Someone who doesn’t give up on family." -4th Grader on Kindle Kids Corner.

"It is a truly captivating, in- depth, action packed fantasy adventure and I couldn't have asked for more from this book." -Chasity on Batty for Books Blog.

"This book is so refreshing. The characters are unique as is the story line. There are no dragons or the normal "mystical" creatures. I couldn't put it down!" -Elise on Goodreads

"Love, love, love this book! Every now and then you find that one book that you want to reread as soon as you're finished with it and this was one of those books for me."  -Heb on Amazon.

"It's one of my treasured Kindle books..." -Tabitha on Amazon.

"I very rarely give out a 5 star rating but this book deserved every one of them." - Melissa on Amazon.

"This book is full of fun and fantasy for all ages! I would recommend it to anybody." - Cozette on Amazon.
"Wonderful author, we look forward to more stories!!!!!! Highly recommend." 
-Victor on Amazon.

"This book is full of fun and fantasy for all ages! I would recommend it to anybody." -Cozette on Amazon.

"This story teaches us that the dream for freedom and equality can be accomplished. Books this novel reminds me of include Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, Lloyd Alexander’s the Chronicles of Prydain, C.S. Lewis’ the Chronicles of Narnia, and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series." -Mlund on Barnes & Noble.

"Clever creative writing with eye catching illustrations... Dew Pellucid knows how to spin a tale worth your time." -Rangerover on Amazon.

"Fantasy, mystery, and human kindness. Great story about victims of discrimination. I loved this story. I hope there is a sequel." -Topaz on Amazon.

"I thought this book was fantastic! I loved all the adventure and vision. It was like I was truly in the book." -Pen Name on Amazon.

"The author writes with such creativity that the characters just jump out of the page and pull you in to the story." -Saucypep on Amazon.

"This book belongs on every little kids bookshelf." -Grace on Amazon.

"Filled with adventure, friendship, bravery and mystery, The Sound and The Echoes is a page turner up until the final chapter." -Kara on Amazon.

"A really great book with beautiful world building and characters you come to love. From a wonderfully imaginative mind comes this great story! I'm blessed to be able to share this book with my twins!" - Lisa on Amazon.

"My mom read this book to me and my twin bro, it was so good that I asked my mom to read it to me again. My favorite part of the book is the animals. I really like the wolf." -JD on Amazon.

"This book was great to read. I like the adventures that Will goes on and I like his pets too. I hope there is another book so I can read that one too. The author is really nice too." -SD on Amazon.

"I could not peel myself away from it. The characters are amazing and are very detailed... This is one of those books that can bring the imagination alive." -April on Amazon.

"I loved this book. It was one of those books that you love to jump into and get lost into the fantasy that awaits the characters." -Tasia on Amazon.

"It is always nice to read a clean book, free from language, sex or graphic violence. I really enjoyed the Echo world and found myself captivated to the end." -C. Yorgason on Amazon.

"Many compare this book to Harry Potter, and I can see where they can be similar, but Sounds and the Echoes has its own identity. It has a different mission; a different plot. It is a highly creative story in a world that would be a child's fantasy if they had an overactive imagination." -Delaine on Goodreads.

"4.5 for this mystical, magical tale of adventure in a parallel world." Kristine on Goodreads.

"This is a very unique story, it can be read by anyone of any age, well not too young the monsters can be creepy!"  -Shannon on Goodreads.

"I was completely into the story from the time I picked it up... I would suggest this well-written book to anyone looking for a great story." -Hannah on Goodreads.

"The Sound and the Echoes is an extraordinary tale that will be loved by many children, teachers, and their parents alike... It is a must in any school or home library." -Author Anna del C. Dye.

"I love when an author puts effort into depicting an interesting and consistent world. Thus, it is easier to remain immersed in the world, and to draw parallels between the fiction and our own world. This was certainly the case with land of the Echoes." -L on Amazon.

"The plot is defiantly different and it is never too slow. Dew Pellucid does an extraordinary job with the makes it easier to connect with the story and get sucked in." -Vero on Goodreads.

“This is a story rich in detail and depth. You can see the images and feel the emotions that the characters are feeling... If you like Harry Potter or other YA type books like that you will really enjoy this book.” -Trina Wing on Goodreads.

"It was a book that was decked with ideas of Philosophical goodness." -Kevin Dave on Goodreads.

"Friendship, loyalty and strength of character shine very brightly in this book." -Stephanie D. on Readers Favorite.

"The Realm of the Echoes is a beautifully imagined world... Anybody who liked Tolkien would get a kick out of this." - Liz on Goodreads.

"The Sound and The Echoes is a great Adventure story that will keep you wanting to read more... it is a great read for any age and if you are a fan of Harry Potter you will enjoy this novel." -Wendy on Goodreads.

"For several pivotal secondary characters, you were never quite sure if they were 'good guys' or 'bad guys' until their motives finally became clear. It lent the story an air of mystery that kept the story moving along." -Jenn Forte on Amazon.

“Fantastic book that I highly recommend for anyone who loves the Potter series.” -L. Franco on Amazon.

"This book was definitely worth buying and reading. I highly recommend it for people searching for a good fantasy story." - Sarah on Goodreads.

"It’s a solid fantasy adventure for kids who have already read the whole Harry Potter series—but they need to be fine with that kind of length, meandering plot, large cast of characters to keep straight, etc." -Reads4Tweens Book Blog.

“I dare you to read this and not enjoy it.” -Claire Carey on Goodreads.

"Pellucid shows an understanding of people and what we're willing to do for those we love and feel close to - even at the cusp of 12 and 13." -Jaime on Amazon.

"The world was described and it sounded so beautiful. The characters are unique, the magic, and more... this book is awesome for people who are fans of Harry Potter." -Randi on Goodreads.

"There are some really cool ideas in this book... and the library sounded amazing! The characters were well written, the plot was suitably twisted and everything was well described." -Sarah on Amazon.

"My kids said it was a great read and it brought out the different realms as the Potter books without the magic. Trying to get a book report out of two teenagers are challenging enough but I knew they liked it when they read it a second time, each." -John L, on Amazon.

"The world of the Echoes is frozen, glittering and beautiful. I truly wish I could be there." -Tammy, on Goodreads.

"There are some really cool ideas in this book... I liked it, and I would recommend it for children 8+." -Sarah S. "merinsalive" on Amazon.

"Filled with mystery, suspense and adventure it's sure to capture the attention of your teen." -Joana James on Amazon.

"To me it read like a unique mixture of Harry Potter and Charlie Bone. However, the book definitely stands on it's own and creates quite a compelling story... A+ rating." -Tom on Amazon.

"I believe my twelve year old self would have loved this book." -Lace and Lavender Hints Book Blog.

"If adventure is what you crave, The Sound and the Echoes delivers." -Anastacia Hawkins for Readers Favorite.

"I’d love to see this book made into a movie, visually it would be lovely. BTW, I’m over Fifty years of age, and enjoyed it, so Adults do not be deterred by the suggested age reference." -Tanya on Kindle Kids Corner.

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