Thursday, December 13, 2012

"The Sound and the Echoes" Book Trailer

"The Sound and the Echoes", is a high fantasy novel for middle grade and young adult readers with 27 magical illustrations. This book trailer was arranged by the author, Dew Pellucid, and includes many of the novel's illustrations by the magnificent UK artist, Andy Simmons; with original music by the talented author/musician, Mary Fan. Visit the Echo realm.

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
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Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Midwest Book Review Recommends "The Sound and the Echoes"

This a great honor! The prestigious Midwest Book Review included "The Sound and the Echoes" in their December, 2012 issue, in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Shelf.

Here's the punch line of the review:
" 'The Sound & the Echoes' is a riveting pick for middle grade and young adults fans of high adventure, recommended."

Read the full review on The Midwest Book Review "Children's Bookwatch"

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Spotlight

How exciting! Darlene's Book Nook has chosen "The Sound and the Echoes" for her Christmas Spotlight Saturday. Here's me talking about Christmas in the Echo realm.

"Imagine a place where your see-through reflection lives. It’s a cold place, glistening with ice. A winter wonderland. Such is the realm of the Echoes, the place where the reflections of Sounds live.

"As I imagined that beautiful land, I knew at once that the unfolding mystery must take place during Christmas. I wanted to fill the sparkling world of the Echoes with flying Christmas ribbons and fireflies, with crystal balls instead of pompons on Santa hats ,and with giant, breathtaking Christmas trees. I wanted multi-colored parcels to flutter on strange see-through wings, colliding once in a while and raining down gifts. In short, I wanted the atmosphere of Christmas to add to the magical ambiance of the story."

Keep reading on Darlene's Book Nook

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5-Star Reader Review

I love reading reviews, and this one made my day. From "L" on Amazon... here's a snippet:

Enjoyable, Immersive World
December 5, 2012

"I enjoyed The Sound and the Echoes. Pellucid effectively portrays an imaginative world, filled with magic, well drawn characters, and a thought out social order.

This was an entertaining read. The magic was interesting, reminiscent of Harry Potter in tone, and gave us yet another thing to discover about the world, page after page. The illustrations added to my experience, and were unique in what I've seen of pictures in books.

The character work was good. The characters all had their own wants and needs, and they pursued them. I particularly enjoyed how I could share in the protagonist Will's confusion as to who was trustworthy and good."

Read the rest of "L"'s review on Amazon.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Author Interview & Book Giveway

This is a fun hit-and-run author interview on Blkosiner Book Blog, with a book giveaway that you can enter with the click of a button.

Here's a glimpse at the opening Q&A:

--The Twitter version: tell us about your book in 140 characters:
through people… reflections of ourselves… echoes to our sounds. And a mighty riddle to solve.

--How did you get the idea for the story?
I was thinking of the philosopher Plato, of all people. But I reversed his logic. I made us his perfect Realm of the Forms. And then I created a reflection world that’s considered inferior to ours. If it sounds confusing just think of a place that’s like an echo to our sounds. Except that the Echo realm is really glistening and beautiful and fairytale-like.

--Which character would you most like to have dinner with?
Dew Pellucid. Both the author of The Sound and the Echoes and a secret character in it, this old Echo is full of surprises.

Read more on Brandi's blog

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Friday, November 30, 2012

In-depth Book Review for Parents

Amanda from the insightful tween's book blog, Reads4Tweens, has published the most thought-provoking review of the novel written so far. I may not agree with every conclusion or isolation of the facts, but
I know with certainty that readers (parents & educators especially) will glean a crucial perspective on the novel.

"It’s a solid fantasy adventure for kids who have already read the whole Harry Potter series—" writes Amanda, "but they need to be fine with that kind of length, meandering plot, large cast of characters to keep straight, etc."

I hope you'll visit Reads4Tweens to read the full review.

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For the holiday season, I thought I'd share a Christmas passage from "The Sound and the Echoes". I wish you all the wintery wonder of the season!


"Christmas ribbons decked every crystal ball knocker on every sparkling door as far as the eye could see. Through the snowy streets of the Veiled Village, Echoes and Sounds rushed to and fro, their shimmering clothes looking like pouring rain or ice or waves. Before them multi-colored parcels fluttered like strange birds carried on small see-through wings, and every once in a while two parcels would collide and rain down gifts. There were great crystal ball vats on every corner, where eggnog was sold to Sounds and fishnog to Echoes. And between the crystal ball streetlamps Ice Fairies were flying, singing Christmas carols, their frozen lips actually moving. It was a perfect place for disappearing in a crowd, but the Fate Sealers, their Ice Looms glowing bright, stuck ever closer to Will and Peter.

"Crystal ball jugglers jumped out of the creatures’ way. Christmas ribbons that fluttered in the air like butterflies flew off at the sight of the Fate Sealers. Flying parcels kept whooshing before their eyes in a frantic attempt to avoid them, until Peter snatched Poudini up for fear of losing his little dog to a particularly vengeful box. One more snowy street lined with twinkling Christmas trees, and then, all at once, the crowd grew so thick that no one could keep his distance from them anymore, though people were flinching at the painful touch of the Fate Sealers."


E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Thursday, November 15, 2012


If you haven't stumbled upon Lunar Rainbows, you'll love the atmosphere of this young book blog. And I'm honored that Micheline chose to feature "The Sound and the Echoes".

Check out the author interview, book
review and giveaway (which ends on Nov 23rd). Here's a snippet from the author interview:

"Lunar Rainbows: Firstly I have to say I thought the world building for the Echo Realm was so unique and whimsical! How on earth did you come up with such a magical idea of a translucent shimmering echo realm set in a winter-like environment where every 'sounds' ghostly double exists ?

Dew: It all began with a philosophical idea, actually. I was thinking of Plato’s Realm of the Forms, the place where the perfect essence of all things exists. Well, I thought, if I created an Echo realm, an imperfect copy of our world (the way Plato thought our existence was an imperfect reflection of the Realm of the Forms), then what would that place look like? See-through, maybe… Cold, icy, far removed from the sun above-ground. And so it all began.

Then, there were also the memories of my teenage years spent in Montreal, Canada. I’ll never forget the sparkling beauty of my first ice storm, which crystallized the city."

Read more on Lunar Rainbows:

Kindle edition:
Amazon Paperback:
Barnes & Noble Paperback & ePub format:

Monday, November 12, 2012


My deep thanks to Micheline (a Goodreads Librarian), for her penetrating, fascinating review of "The Sound and the Echoes".

Here's a snippet:

"When I started this book, the tone it had right at the beginning gave me an impression of something of a cross between Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia, while being something different and separate all-together..."

"Coming from someone who has read her fair share of fantasy books, I have to admit that most of the time I was in awe (honestly!) as to how Pellucid came up with such mind-boggling ideas..."

Read the rest of Micheline's book review on Goodreads:

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Saturday, November 10, 2012


A Fortunerific thank you to Vero Espinosa for her charming, spot-on review of "The Sound and the Echoes". Here's a snippet:

"It is an amazing adventure book for young adults. Actually i recommend it for all ages!

"The reason I completely love this book is because it reminds me of Harry Potter without being a copy. It has the same feeling adventure wise. It is about a world that is unknown to most humans and its inhabitants are different in a way from humans. It is about strong friendship and the fight of one boy to have everything back to normal and the fight of his Echo for justice and to clean his fathers name."

Keep reading Vero's review on Amazon

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another 5 Star Reader Review

This fantastic book review comes from Wendy on Goodreads. Not only is it a fun review to read, but it really gives you a feel for what "The Sound and the Echoes" is all about. Thank you, Wendy!!!

Here's a snippet:

"I finally finished this book =] WOW is all i have to say. I really enjoyed this novel it was wonderful.

The story is about a boy named Will Cleary who has been looking for his lost twin sister for 10 years. He discovers this book shaped like a tombstone which is complied of people who have gone missing over several years, Himself and his sister's names are in the book."

Keep reading Wendy's review on Goodreads:


E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New 5 Star Reader Review

A big thank you to Elise, who left a charming book review on Goodreads. Here's a snippet:

"This book is so refreshing. The characters are unique as is the story line. There are no dragons or the normal "mystical" creatures. I couldn't put it down! This is definitely worth reading..."

Keep reading on Goodreads

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Monday, October 22, 2012

Why I Spent $10,000 on Publishing My Novel

As promised, here's an article about the publication process itself. I hope other Indie authors find it helpful.

After 180 literary agents rejected my children’s fantasy over a period of two years, I decided to publish it myself. Long-term investments in building my publishing imprint come up to $10,074 so far, while income from sales is less than $500 after 3 months of publication. But, as with the launch of any small business, I expect growth to follow when market exposure grows.

Understanding Self-Publishingg

Self-publishing is easy. Submit your book on Kindle for $0, and you may call yourself a published author (see my how-to tutorial). But my conversations with other self-published authors reveal that most don’t sell more than a few copies to friends and family. I set myself a budget of $10,000 to publish and promote my book in a professional manner that would lead to success.

Hiring an Illustrator

Unlike U.S. based artists, who charge up to $10,000 for a book cover, overseas artists are more affordable. I found a U.K. artist who created a stunning cover, as well as a series of illustrations for $2,000. When it came time to seek out reviewers and author interviews, the cover of my novel opened doors for me. And the illustrations provided me with enough material not merely to enhance my book but to create a book website, as well as book ads and flyers.

Publishing a Proof of Concept

I decided to reach out to a handful of literary agents who requested a partial manuscript in the past. I invested $1,200 in publishing a proof of concept hardcover with 27 color illustrations. Though, ultimately, no literary agent signed the book on, I used the proofs to solicit early reviews, complete final edits and share the novel with family and friends.

When to Save and When to Spend on Formatting?

Though publishing on Kindle is free, you may pay to have your book formatted. Other online companies may charge up to $500. I cut on my self-publishing cost by formatting my mobi conversion myself. Alternatively, when I realized that ePub conversions are ripe with coding bugs, I paid my book distributor, BookBaby, $225 to convert the document and provide me with proofs for approval.

Publishing a Paperback

After my Kindle book was published, I contacted Createspace (an Amazon company) to publish my novel in paperback for free. Once more I formatted the novel myself, saving on the over $200 service offered by the publisher. I ordered a physical proof for $6.99, and had to repeat this step before the book looked perfect.

Marketing: What’s Free and What Isn’t?

I made use of book reviewer lists (such as this from Step by Step Publishing), to submit my novel for a free book review on different book blogs. However, since book bloggers may take up to a year to review a book, I also hired a quality review company to provide 3 reviews for $120 (without guarantee of a positive review). I also purchased a Kirkus Indie Review for $425 (without guarantee of outcome), which opened the door to selling my book to libraries and book stores, who rely on reputable review sources exclusively.


To create excitement for the book, I set up book giveaways on the Book’s Facebook page, on GoodReads and book blogs, spending around $250.

Flyers & Promotions

I invested $125 in book flyers, which I use for marketing to libraries, book stores and other interested readers. I spent over $500 on buying book promotions with Amazon, most of which are still scheduled far into the future. I am now considering a promotion package form Kirkus Reviews, to give my book review prominence before publishers, agents and other media professionals. The cost may range from $500 to $1,500.


Though reputable awards carry great weight with the industry, most awards that indie authors enter have little credibility. I, therefore, spent only $169 to enter two contests, since buyers like to see that a book has won awards.

Additional Expenses

From buying domain names and hosting a site ($285 so far this year), to buying ISBN numbers ($300) for the different editions of the books, there are many small expenses that add up when you self-publish.

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

Saturday, October 20, 2012

AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Dew Pellucid Talks with Jeanz Book Read Review

What is your name, where were you born and where do you live now?

My name is Dew Pellucid, the oldest Echo at the Orphanage of Castaway Children. I was born in the village of Nachal Katan, on the Northern tip of Agám Kaffú. To discover the meaning behind our Echo names (for there are definite meanings) come visit us in our frozen, glistening world. And then you will discover which character I play in the story I have written.

When did you first consider yourself as a "writer"?

Once upon a time, there was a small Echo boy with a large imagination. He read over a million books by the age of ten, wrote silly stories to share with his stuffed animals, then felt silly writing good stories to share with his friends. But it was only when, at last, his tale of the Echoes reached the Sound realm that he felt himself to be a writer for the first time.

Did it take a long time to get your first book published?

180 literary agents rejected The Sound and the Echoes. It is forgivable; after all, they were all Sounds. And how long did that take? Two years, which for an ancient man may not seem long, but was enough to grow tiresome.
Even so, it was not a decision made lightly… to give up the fight. It was more a recognition that the story was too good to freeze over until the end of time. With the help of a magnificent artist, “The Sound and the Echoes” was published. It is like no other story told before, and that may be its swan song or its soaring flight.

What is the name of your latest book, and if you had to summarize it in less than 20 words what would you say?

Keep reading on Jeanz Book Read Review.


The Sound and the Echoes Book Links:

Amazon Page:
Book Website:
Book Blog:
Book Twitter Page:
Book Facebook Page:
GoodReads Page:
Shelfari Book Page:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dew Pellucid Author Interview on Kindle Kids Corner

The Sound And The Echos & Comparisons to Harry Potter
October 18, 2012
By KindleKids (Candace Cheatham, Editor, Kids Corner at Kindle Nation Daily)

We announced last week that Dew Pellucid’s Fantasy Adventure For Middle Grade Readers, The Sound And The Echoes is the Kids Corner Book of The Week. Today we are very excited to post an exclusive interview with author Dew Pellucid.

Kids Corner: The Kids Corner Book of The Week, The Sound and the Echoes, is such a unique concept. What can our readers expect?

Dew Pellucid: When I was fourteen, I saw an ice storm for the first time. That memory was my inspiration for the Echo realm.

Imagine a winter wonderland with rivers of melted sapphires, icy topiaries that look almost alive, and everything glistening under a giant amber sun. And in this frozen kaleidoscope, everything is see-through, flowers showing through trees, cats through dogs. Even the people are see-through.

But that’s not all that makes this strange realm magical. The Echoes are superstitious people, because of a terrible law that rules their lives. When one of us dies up here in the Sound realm, his Echo is put to death in the Echo realm. So what can the Echoes do but hope that Fortune will spare them?

And so the Echo realm is filled with flying crystal balls and moon worshipers who think the silver orb is a giant, celestial crystal ball. The people wear watery robes, the solid floors spread rings under your feet as you walk, and the liquid ceiling in the great dining hall splashes in arches overhead.

The Echo realm is magical, without magic. And to be in it feels like being in a snow globe of wonders.

Read on Kids' Corner at K Nation

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Character Interview on "To Read or Not to Read" Book Blog

An Interview with Valerie Valerian

Valerie arrived for her interview riding her Sound albatross, Pegasus. She looked like a fairy riding a kite with the giant sun swimming in the lagoon-sky behind her. She led me to the stunning Orphanage dining hall. I noticed that dark circles engulfed Valerie’s enormous blue eyes, as if trying to drown them out. And she looked as pale and see-through as the fairies fluttering their icy wings above her, under the watery ceiling of the glittering hall. But Valerie’s wild, cropped hair was more like a fawn’s than a fairy’s.

“Tells us who you are?” I began.

Valerie smiled and lowered her eyes shyly. “I’m the niece of Victor Valerian. I grew up in the palace. My life was wonderful until four months ago. Then everything changed… If you ask me what my favorite color is, I’ll tell you it is the color of my mother’s ring.”

“Why is everyone in the dining hall staring at you?”

Keep reading on To Read or Not to Read Book Blog.

Monday, October 15, 2012

KIRKUS REVIEWS: "The Sound and The Echoes"

This is the first major editorial review of "The Sound & The Echoes", coming from Kirkus Reviews. Here are some highlights.

"Fantasy novel that readers hungry for magic and adventure will gladly devour.

"Pellucid’s debut middle-grade adventure takes place in a fantastic realm... Each person has an Echo, a copy of themselves that lives in the Echo realm, a strange, magical land."

"Will’s Echo happens to be a prince in the Echo realm, and dark forces want to stop him from becoming king, putting Will’s earthbound life in danger, too. Will embarks on a dangerous trip to the realm of the Echoes to help save the prince."

"Young readers will enjoy the series of challenges Will faces on his adventure to set things right. Lies, deceit and shifting allegiances add some twists and turns to the story, while the blue-tinged CGI illustrations by Andy Simmons help bring the chilly Echo world to life."

The story shares a number of similarities with the Harry Potter
series... but the unique, complex Echo world is enough to set this story apart."

Read the full Kirkus review.

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition $2.99

New Four Star Reader Review

A warm thank-you to Sarah S. "merinsalive", who left a four-star review of "The Sound and the Echoes" on Amazon.

Here's a snippet:

"There are some really cool ideas in this book: I liked the idea of how for every Sound there is an Echo, and the library sounded amazing! The characters were well written, the plot was suitably twisted and everything was well described."

Read the rest of Sarah's review on Amazon

Friday, October 12, 2012

E-Book of the Week on Kindle Nation's Kids Corner

Quick News Update

Kindle Nation's Kids Corner is featuring "The Sound & The Echoes" this week.

Hope you'll visit, check out the book excerpt and read the reviews.

And for more reader reviews, illustrations and giveaways visit the Echo realm in person!

Many thanks!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekly Character Unveiling: Wolfeá

"Past the overlapping snowy trees and sapphire fountains, Will saw the far-off alabaster wall of the round fortress with a snowy forest curling at its feet like a giant snow heap.

Something leapt away from the snow heap, an animal camouflaged so well in the wintry landscape that Will only spotted it because it wasn’t see-through, like vanilla ice-cream set against pineapple sherbet.

Soon the animal drew near enough for Will to recognize its shape. It was an arctic wolf, and in a moment of wonderful forgetfulness Will thought that he was seeing Deá the wolf running back to him, alive and well."

~~From "The Sound & The Echoes", a high fantasy for middle grade and young adult readers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WHERE TO BUY: "The Sound and The Echoes"
Kindle edition:
Amazon Paperback:
Barnes & Noble Paperback:
Nook edition coming 10/15/2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Quote of the Day: Poudini

Every child at the Orphanage of Castaway Children has a pet. The hero, Will, has Wolfeá, his arctic wolf. Valerie has her albatross, which she rides like a flying horse. And Will's best friend, Peter, has a funny dog (inspired by my own rescue dog, Dorian).

Here's Poudini's introduction in "The Sound and the Echoes"

"Amazingly, the boy blew his frosty breath into the shape of a magician’s hat, before he bowed gallantly in his glistening white uniform and introduced himself.

'Peter Patrick Peterson. Tongue twister by name, magician by fame. And this gorgeous dog—' the boy pointed at the brindled mutt barking in the icy cage '—is Poudini. Houdini with a P. Named after the greatest magician ever. And after me, P for Peter Patrick Peterson. Get it?'

Will smiled, not to be rude, but in his mind a thousand worries were jostling.

~From, "The Sound and The Echoes", a high fantasy for middle grade and young adult readers.~

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition coming 10/15/2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


A Fortunerific thanks to Joana for posting her review of "The Sound and the Echoes" on her stunning book blog, Book Wormz.

Here's a snippet of the review:

"In the world of Echoes everything is strange, especially its rules. Fortune determines everything and everyone. One rule stirs an elaborate plot of murder of all who rule the throne. If a Sound dies, then his Echo should too.

This book is quite imaginative and even though it was written for a younger audience, I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Read the rest of Joana's book review on Book Wormz.

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition coming 10/15/2012

New Reader Review

Though only halfway through the book, Wendy Bloink wrote such a wonderful synopsis of the story on Goodreads that I had to share it.

"I am only 1/2 way through it right now but I am really enjoying it.
The story is about a boy named Will Cleary who has been looking for his lost twin sister for 10 years. He discovers this book shaped like a tombstone which is complied of people who have gone missing over several years, Himself and his sister's names are in the book.

Will soon discovers that is sister is trapped in an icy realm where all Echo's live. Echos are reflections of every living thing on earth.
Will is Determined to rescue his sister from the Echo realm.with the Help of his life long Echo friends named Dea and Damion.

The Sound and The Echoes is a great Adventure story that will keep you wanting to read more..."

Read the rest of Wendy's review on Goodreads.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Character Unveiling: Abednego

One of the most mysterious characters in "The Sound and the Echoes" is the Headmaster at the Orphanage of Castaway Children, whose true identity is only revealed at the end of the novel.


"Up ahead an old man in a shimmering ivory robe beckoned to Will and Valerie. His white, knee-length beard and hair fluttered in the frosty breeze like a wispy cloud. He wasn’t quite see-through or solid, and Will couldn’t decide if he was an Echo or a Sound, only that he was the oldest man he had ever seen."

And a little later...

“Did you see that?” Will breathed at Peter.
Peter was too busy laughing. “See what?”
“There it is again. Look— The crystal ball on Abednego’s cane.”
“What about it?”
“There’s… an eye inside it.”

From, "The Sound and The Echoes", a high fantasy for middle grade and young adult readers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition coming 10/15/2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012


463 people entered the signed paperback book giveaway of "The Sound and the Echoes". The Giveaway ended today, and the 10 lucky winners are:

Shaun Kilfoy
Wendy Bloink
Justin Jensen
A. Mathes
Rebecca McMahon
Ashley Chepil
Bridgette Roundtree
Ann Tagg
Patricia Fuller
Isabella Festa

I'll be signing the books with my special crystal ball author's signature and sending them out tomorrow.

Congratulations to the winners! And thanks to everyone who entered!

And if you didn't win, don't forget to enter the Giveaway I created for Facebook Fans (

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New 4-Star Reader Review by Jennifer Forte

A big thank-you to Jennifer for sharing her charming book review of The Sound and the Echoes on Amazon and Goodreads. Here's how the review starts:

Fun, Fast-Paced Adventure!
By Jennifer Forte "Jenn" (PA, USA)

"The Sound and the Echoes follows a boy's journey into another realm, one he didn't know existed, where he comes face to face with his doppleganger. This book is an adventure tale, with a neat premise (the idea of the "real world" and the "echo world" where our echoes carry out their own lives). It has some great moments in it and the creation of the Echo-world is artfully done. Dew Pellucid's description of the world makes you feel like you're there.

"One thing I really enjoyed in this book was that most of the characters' motives were not obvious at first. For several pivotal secondary characters, you were never quite sure if they were "good guys" or "bad guys" until their motives finally became clear. It lent the story an air of mystery that kept the story moving along.

Continue reading Jenn's review on Amazon, Goodreads.

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

New Author Interview with Dew Pellucid

Rachel at Rai29BookRead Reviews interviews Dew Pellucid, author of The Sound and the Echoes.

1. What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 20 or less words, what would you say?
“The Sound and the Echoes” is a high fantasy for middle grade and young adult readers, with 27 magical illustrations. There is a see-through, frozen world beneath ours, where our reflections live. They call themselves the Echoes, and we are the Sounds. And now, twelve-year-old Will Cleary is swept into this realm, to help his Echo find a secret passage that will save the kingdom and Will’s family.

2. What or who inspired you to start writing? And how long have you been writing?
I wrote my first short story when I was eight. In elementary school my poems were published in the school paper. In short, literature has been the one subject I was actually good at. So when I grew up, it only made sense that I should lose myself in the realm of storytelling.

Read more on Rachel's book blog.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Character Unveiling: The Murdered Man

There's a murder mystery hidden in the plot of The Sound and the Echoes. And when Will and his Echo, the Prince, go to the Lake of Eternal Ice, they find the body... only it is no stranger.

From The Sound and the Echoes:

“My father’s grave,” said the Prince, his voice bitter. “And a cursed crystal ball to mark the spot.”

The Prince threw himself on the lake and pressed his face to the ice. Above him the ball of smoky glass hovered like a strange cloud trapped inside a sphere.

Will bent beside his Echo, pulling out the Waterweed he collected in Auralius’ tunnel. In the green, eerie glow, he felt the blood freezing in his veins. His father’s face, eyes glassy and bloodshot, was looking back at him through the frozen lake, as through a window leading to the realm of the dead. A dark scarf encircled the frozen man’s neck, monogrammed with the golden letter M. And only as Will realized that the M must stand for Monarch did his shock begin to fade, and he remembered that his father was still alive, back in the Sound realm.

Then silently, Will stepped back to give his Echo time to grieve alone."

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition coming 10/5/2012

Unique Author Interview of Me as Myself

I've never given an author interview as myself (Tal Boldo). I've always answered as my pen name persona. But for the cerebral book blog, ZigZag Timeline, I made an exception.

I speak of the philosophical origins of The Sound and the Echoes, the storytelling techniques I invented to create this world, and I sprinkle a little insight into the creative process of world-building.

Here's how the interview starts:

QUESTION: The premise of The Sound and the Echoes begins with the idea that each time a person is born, an otherworldly twin—an Echo—comes into existence as well. What inspired this idea?

ANSWER: I am a strong believer in free will. We each have a choice about our actions, no matter how limited our options seem. But what would happen, I wondered, if choice was taken away from us in the most fundamental way? What if at any moment life itself could be snatched away from us or the people we love?

This idea floated in my head almost simultaneously with another. I was thinking of Plato’s Realm of the Forms. As an early Greek philosopher, Plato was concerned with where our ideas of concepts originated. After all, we never see a cat in its abstract form, only many different versions of cats. So, the Ancient Greeks wondered, how do we come up with the idea of cat-ness.

Plato concluded that we are born with Innate ideas, a memory of these perfect “Forms”. The Forms exist on a higher plain, and we are merely imperfect reflections of that place.

From this to imagining a reflection world, an Echo to our Sounds, was a short leap of the imagination.

QUESTION: The majority of The Sound and the Echoes takes place in the icy fantasyland the Echoes live in. How did you go about developing the history and magic system of this fanciful universe?

ANSWER: As with human history, the basic customs of the Echoes developed from their ideas. If the Law of Death sentences every Echo to die when his Sound dies, it is logical that Echoes will start to hope fervently for good luck. “Please, please don’t let it be my son the Fortune Tellers come to kill.” Hence, I created a superstitious culture that, over generations, began to worship Fortune...

**Read the rest of my author interview on ZigZag Timelines.**

Sunday, September 23, 2012


The most intelligent and spot-on review to be written so far comes from Mary Fan, creator of the cerebral Book Blog, Zigzag Timelines. If you want to truly understand the plot, plot-theme and theme of "The Sound and the Echoes", step into Mary's outstanding review.

Here's a snippet of the conclusion:
"In The Sound and the Echoes, Pellucid has demonstrated an amazing knack for world-building. The atmosphere glows ice blue, sparkling with charm and whimsy. It’s easy to visualize the many wonderful, otherworldly objects and places in the Echo realm, all of which follow carefully laid-out rules. Crystal balls, glowing see-through beings, smoky specters, ice-like coins… these are some of the things that glitter within the story..."

I'm proud to add that Mary posted her review on Amazon and Goodreads as a 5-star review.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


In the past, authors used to write a personal note to their readers at the beginning of a novel. When I invented my pen name persona, Dew Pellucid, I jumped at the idea of doing the same.

Here is a recording of Dew Pellucid's opening to "The Sound and the Echoes". It's just a letter, but it reveals so much about the Echo realm and what's to come, while leaving so much unsaid. The perfect taunting teaser.

Would you like to hear it? Then click here.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Character Unveiling: Deá & Damian

This week I'd like to introduce you to Will's childhood friends... only he didn't know them in their true forms. If you've read "The Sound and the Echoes", you already understand the significance of this scene. But if you haven't, you'll still enjoy the description of these beautiful Echoes.


A boy of about sixteen was standing not far from Will. The boy’s skin, proud face and curly hair were as dark as coffee. His eyes were darker still, and they glittered with intelligence. He wore shimmering black clothes, and everything about him was see-through, so that Will could see a snowy tree showing right through the boy’s face. It felt like looking through a brown-glassed window.

“Who are you?” marveled Will.

“I’m Damian,” answered the boy, in Damian’s voice. “And this is Deá.”

The see-through boy stepped aside, and a beautiful girl of about fifteen emerged from behind the same tree. Her skin was as white as the snow at her feet, and her shimmering clothes were as white as her skin. Her long hair and large gray eyes were both so pale that for a moment Will thought she was made entirely of mist—like the mist inside his crystal ball clock—especially since the girl, like the boy, was see-through.

The two strange beings exchanged radiant smiles, as if they hadn’t seen each other in years and were trying to make up for lost time. Then the pale girl turned to Will.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekly Quote & Illustration: THE DINING HALL at the Orphanage of Castaway Children

"The dining hall was magnificent. Light from at least ten crystal ball chandeliers gleamed off the curving icy walls of the great white hall. Ice sculptures of fairies fluttered between the pearly lights, their frozen wings actually moving, and their crystal lips blowing iridescent bubbles that rained down on the hall like many, many more crystal balls.

"As in the garden, fountains splashed here too, though not in straight lines but in arches of blue water that shot across the ceiling from fountain to fountain, creating a liquid sky. Will had seen it all yesterday, but the Orphanage dining hall was just as enchanting on second sight.

"The three curving tables stretching before Will still amazed him by looking longer than any tables he had ever seen. And, like his uniform and so many other things in this strange Echo world, the tables glistened in perfect imitation of ice in sunlight. By the middle table, no one sat. But on the right, Sounds were jostling in a thick throng of white, cold breath spilling from their mouths, enveloping their faces in mist. While on the left, Echoes lounged so comfortably spread apart that they had to shout to have a conversation.

From "The Sound and the Echoes" by Dew Pellucid.

Read the first 50 pages on Amazon

See more illustrations on The Sound and the Echoes Site.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So what was hardest to write in the novel, people ask? The Beginning! Definitely.

In fact, there were more than eight versions of chapter one.

In my first version, a strange Echo came to fetch Will in the middle of the night (that character was cut from the novel).

In another version, there was no Gravestone Book. The conversation about all those children disappearing and no one remembering anything… it all took place without reference to the book, which records it.

Only the last version included the crystal ball clock, now featured on the cover. Readers find that amazing. That’s the best part, they say, unable to imagine chapter one without that glowing basketball with its secret holograms.

Ironically, in the end, chapter one doesn’t begin the novel. To immerse the reader in the strangeness of the Echo realm, I invented my pen name persona, Dew Pellucid, and wrote his letter to the reader.

“Dear Un-Pellucid Reader,” it begins. “Far, far away, in a land few Sounds have ever seen, stands the palace of Agám Kaffú... The walls are carved from gleaming ice that never melts, and the floors look like silent ponds you can walk on.”

Dew Pellucid is a mystery and remains so until the end of the novel. Who this old Echo is, you may ask? To quote his letter to the reader, “You’ll have to find it out in the proper way, turning page after page in this strange story.”

I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes peek at The Sound and the Echoes. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post? Do you like the way the book starts? Would you come up with a different opening? And what was your favorite part?