Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekly Character Unveiling: Abednego

One of the most mysterious characters in "The Sound and the Echoes" is the Headmaster at the Orphanage of Castaway Children, whose true identity is only revealed at the end of the novel.


"Up ahead an old man in a shimmering ivory robe beckoned to Will and Valerie. His white, knee-length beard and hair fluttered in the frosty breeze like a wispy cloud. He wasn’t quite see-through or solid, and Will couldn’t decide if he was an Echo or a Sound, only that he was the oldest man he had ever seen."

And a little later...

“Did you see that?” Will breathed at Peter.
Peter was too busy laughing. “See what?”
“There it is again. Look— The crystal ball on Abednego’s cane.”
“What about it?”
“There’s… an eye inside it.”

From, "The Sound and The Echoes", a high fantasy for middle grade and young adult readers.

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