Monday, October 15, 2012

KIRKUS REVIEWS: "The Sound and The Echoes"

This is the first major editorial review of "The Sound & The Echoes", coming from Kirkus Reviews. Here are some highlights.

"Fantasy novel that readers hungry for magic and adventure will gladly devour.

"Pellucid’s debut middle-grade adventure takes place in a fantastic realm... Each person has an Echo, a copy of themselves that lives in the Echo realm, a strange, magical land."

"Will’s Echo happens to be a prince in the Echo realm, and dark forces want to stop him from becoming king, putting Will’s earthbound life in danger, too. Will embarks on a dangerous trip to the realm of the Echoes to help save the prince."

"Young readers will enjoy the series of challenges Will faces on his adventure to set things right. Lies, deceit and shifting allegiances add some twists and turns to the story, while the blue-tinged CGI illustrations by Andy Simmons help bring the chilly Echo world to life."

The story shares a number of similarities with the Harry Potter
series... but the unique, complex Echo world is enough to set this story apart."

Read the full Kirkus review.

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition $2.99

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