Friday, October 5, 2012

Random Quote of the Day: Poudini

Every child at the Orphanage of Castaway Children has a pet. The hero, Will, has Wolfeá, his arctic wolf. Valerie has her albatross, which she rides like a flying horse. And Will's best friend, Peter, has a funny dog (inspired by my own rescue dog, Dorian).

Here's Poudini's introduction in "The Sound and the Echoes"

"Amazingly, the boy blew his frosty breath into the shape of a magician’s hat, before he bowed gallantly in his glistening white uniform and introduced himself.

'Peter Patrick Peterson. Tongue twister by name, magician by fame. And this gorgeous dog—' the boy pointed at the brindled mutt barking in the icy cage '—is Poudini. Houdini with a P. Named after the greatest magician ever. And after me, P for Peter Patrick Peterson. Get it?'

Will smiled, not to be rude, but in his mind a thousand worries were jostling.

~From, "The Sound and The Echoes", a high fantasy for middle grade and young adult readers.~

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