Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Spotlight

How exciting! Darlene's Book Nook has chosen "The Sound and the Echoes" for her Christmas Spotlight Saturday. Here's me talking about Christmas in the Echo realm.

"Imagine a place where your see-through reflection lives. It’s a cold place, glistening with ice. A winter wonderland. Such is the realm of the Echoes, the place where the reflections of Sounds live.

"As I imagined that beautiful land, I knew at once that the unfolding mystery must take place during Christmas. I wanted to fill the sparkling world of the Echoes with flying Christmas ribbons and fireflies, with crystal balls instead of pompons on Santa hats ,and with giant, breathtaking Christmas trees. I wanted multi-colored parcels to flutter on strange see-through wings, colliding once in a while and raining down gifts. In short, I wanted the atmosphere of Christmas to add to the magical ambiance of the story."

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