Saturday, November 10, 2012


A Fortunerific thank you to Vero Espinosa for her charming, spot-on review of "The Sound and the Echoes". Here's a snippet:

"It is an amazing adventure book for young adults. Actually i recommend it for all ages!

"The reason I completely love this book is because it reminds me of Harry Potter without being a copy. It has the same feeling adventure wise. It is about a world that is unknown to most humans and its inhabitants are different in a way from humans. It is about strong friendship and the fight of one boy to have everything back to normal and the fight of his Echo for justice and to clean his fathers name."

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E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

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