Thursday, November 22, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For the holiday season, I thought I'd share a Christmas passage from "The Sound and the Echoes". I wish you all the wintery wonder of the season!


"Christmas ribbons decked every crystal ball knocker on every sparkling door as far as the eye could see. Through the snowy streets of the Veiled Village, Echoes and Sounds rushed to and fro, their shimmering clothes looking like pouring rain or ice or waves. Before them multi-colored parcels fluttered like strange birds carried on small see-through wings, and every once in a while two parcels would collide and rain down gifts. There were great crystal ball vats on every corner, where eggnog was sold to Sounds and fishnog to Echoes. And between the crystal ball streetlamps Ice Fairies were flying, singing Christmas carols, their frozen lips actually moving. It was a perfect place for disappearing in a crowd, but the Fate Sealers, their Ice Looms glowing bright, stuck ever closer to Will and Peter.

"Crystal ball jugglers jumped out of the creatures’ way. Christmas ribbons that fluttered in the air like butterflies flew off at the sight of the Fate Sealers. Flying parcels kept whooshing before their eyes in a frantic attempt to avoid them, until Peter snatched Poudini up for fear of losing his little dog to a particularly vengeful box. One more snowy street lined with twinkling Christmas trees, and then, all at once, the crowd grew so thick that no one could keep his distance from them anymore, though people were flinching at the painful touch of the Fate Sealers."


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