Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Character Unveiling: Deá & Damian

This week I'd like to introduce you to Will's childhood friends... only he didn't know them in their true forms. If you've read "The Sound and the Echoes", you already understand the significance of this scene. But if you haven't, you'll still enjoy the description of these beautiful Echoes.


A boy of about sixteen was standing not far from Will. The boy’s skin, proud face and curly hair were as dark as coffee. His eyes were darker still, and they glittered with intelligence. He wore shimmering black clothes, and everything about him was see-through, so that Will could see a snowy tree showing right through the boy’s face. It felt like looking through a brown-glassed window.

“Who are you?” marveled Will.

“I’m Damian,” answered the boy, in Damian’s voice. “And this is Deá.”

The see-through boy stepped aside, and a beautiful girl of about fifteen emerged from behind the same tree. Her skin was as white as the snow at her feet, and her shimmering clothes were as white as her skin. Her long hair and large gray eyes were both so pale that for a moment Will thought she was made entirely of mist—like the mist inside his crystal ball clock—especially since the girl, like the boy, was see-through.

The two strange beings exchanged radiant smiles, as if they hadn’t seen each other in years and were trying to make up for lost time. Then the pale girl turned to Will.

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