Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Character Unveiling: The Murdered Man

There's a murder mystery hidden in the plot of The Sound and the Echoes. And when Will and his Echo, the Prince, go to the Lake of Eternal Ice, they find the body... only it is no stranger.

From The Sound and the Echoes:

“My father’s grave,” said the Prince, his voice bitter. “And a cursed crystal ball to mark the spot.”

The Prince threw himself on the lake and pressed his face to the ice. Above him the ball of smoky glass hovered like a strange cloud trapped inside a sphere.

Will bent beside his Echo, pulling out the Waterweed he collected in Auralius’ tunnel. In the green, eerie glow, he felt the blood freezing in his veins. His father’s face, eyes glassy and bloodshot, was looking back at him through the frozen lake, as through a window leading to the realm of the dead. A dark scarf encircled the frozen man’s neck, monogrammed with the golden letter M. And only as Will realized that the M must stand for Monarch did his shock begin to fade, and he remembered that his father was still alive, back in the Sound realm.

Then silently, Will stepped back to give his Echo time to grieve alone."

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