Sunday, September 23, 2012


The most intelligent and spot-on review to be written so far comes from Mary Fan, creator of the cerebral Book Blog, Zigzag Timelines. If you want to truly understand the plot, plot-theme and theme of "The Sound and the Echoes", step into Mary's outstanding review.

Here's a snippet of the conclusion:
"In The Sound and the Echoes, Pellucid has demonstrated an amazing knack for world-building. The atmosphere glows ice blue, sparkling with charm and whimsy. It’s easy to visualize the many wonderful, otherworldly objects and places in the Echo realm, all of which follow carefully laid-out rules. Crystal balls, glowing see-through beings, smoky specters, ice-like coins… these are some of the things that glitter within the story..."

I'm proud to add that Mary posted her review on Amazon and Goodreads as a 5-star review.

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