Friday, September 7, 2012

Four-Star Reader Review, by Joana

What a wonderful review, written by Joana, who describes herself as someone who "lives to read".

"In the world of Echoes everything is strange, especially its rules. Fortune determines everything and ever
yone. One rule stirs an elaborate plot of murder of all who rule the throne. If a Sound dies, then his Echo should too.

This book is quite imaginative and even though it was written for a younger audience, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The description of its foreign land brings you right into the story as if you were really living it. Filled with mystery, suspense and adventure it's sure to capture the attention of your teen. The characters are easily likeable. Tales of magical objects stirs the imagination and pulls you right it..." Read the rest of Joana's review on GoodReads, or on Amazon.

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