Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 Star Book Review from Author Anna Del C. Dye

This is a delightful story, written for middle-aged kids. I found the tale refreshing and full of new ideas for fantasy. It is great reading both for hot summer days or cold winter nights. It portrays a new world shared by characters, so much alike yet so different that they will entertain young men as well as young women.

Life has changed a lot for Will since the moment his twin sister disappeared when they were three years old. His parents spend their days looking for clues of how to get her back home. This has now been going on for more than ten years. The problem is that though Will understands their sorrow, he yearns for some kind of love and attention of his own from his parents. This is how life proceeds in his home until everything changes one night as his friend, Ben, brings him the book "Disappeared without a Trace." In it he finds a tale his parents haven’t shared with him. That same night, Will finds out that his pet wolf and falcon are not what they seem to be. Will, his pets and his new friend will embark on a trip that will test his sanity to the maximum in a place where castaway children live. Still, even if he manages to find what he is looking for, he may never return to his world and family.

"The Sound and the Echoes" is an extraordinary tale that will be loved by many children, teachers, and their parents alike. It has very interesting and beautiful drawings to add to the overall effect of the book. It is a must in any school or home library.

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