Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shannon at LL Book Reviews Interviews Dew Pellucid

An Interview with Dew Pellucid, author of The Sound and the Echoes
By Shannon Yarbrough on September 12, 2012

Tell us a little about your book.

In a frozen, sparkling land, our see-through reflections live, like Echoes of our Sounds. And when one of us dies up here in the Sound realm, his reflection is executed in the Echo realm, as dictated by the Law of Death. The story begins when a Sound, a twelve-year-old boy, discovers that Fate Sealers are hunting him because after he dies, his Echo, the Prince, will have to die too. And so Will Cleary is swept into a perilous adventure filled with spying crystal balls, an eerie fortress of castaway children, a hunt for clues in an ancient book of riddles, and a last-chance escape through a frozen gem-studded lake into a secret land that holds the key to placing the Prince on the throne and returning freedom and equality to the Echoes.

What inspired you to write this book?

I was thinking of the Greek philosopher, Plato, and his Realm of the Forms. If we accept his premise that we are only imperfect reflections of that other place, what would that mean for life here on Earth, I wondered.

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