Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Many years ago my brother took a photo of me in a dark room, using the B setting on the camera. While the film was being exposed, he flashed the flash three times, and each time I moved to a new posture. The result? A Picture with three me's in it, and two of them a little see-through.

So this gave me the inspiration for the me & my Echo photo contest. All through September, create a photo of you with another, see-through you in the picture. Use photographic magic, photo-editing or whatever you like. Then post your photo on The Sound and the Echos Facebook Page. Everyone can vote on their favorite picture, and the one with the most likes will get a signed 8.5x11 front cover of The Sound and the Echoes.

Above is my Dew Pellucid and his Echo image to start us off. Check out the Facebook page tomorrow to see the author and her Echo in her non-pen-name form.

I hope you'll join the Echo fun!

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