Thursday, September 27, 2012

New 4-Star Reader Review by Jennifer Forte

A big thank-you to Jennifer for sharing her charming book review of The Sound and the Echoes on Amazon and Goodreads. Here's how the review starts:

Fun, Fast-Paced Adventure!
By Jennifer Forte "Jenn" (PA, USA)

"The Sound and the Echoes follows a boy's journey into another realm, one he didn't know existed, where he comes face to face with his doppleganger. This book is an adventure tale, with a neat premise (the idea of the "real world" and the "echo world" where our echoes carry out their own lives). It has some great moments in it and the creation of the Echo-world is artfully done. Dew Pellucid's description of the world makes you feel like you're there.

"One thing I really enjoyed in this book was that most of the characters' motives were not obvious at first. For several pivotal secondary characters, you were never quite sure if they were "good guys" or "bad guys" until their motives finally became clear. It lent the story an air of mystery that kept the story moving along.

Continue reading Jenn's review on Amazon, Goodreads.

E-book $2.99 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Amazon
Paperback $18.78 on Barnes & Noble
Nook ePub edition: $2.99

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