Saturday, September 1, 2012

New 5-Star Reader Review from Laurie Franco

Laurie wrote:

"Fantastic book that I highly recommend for anyone who loves the Potter series. Don't get me wrong, this is by NO means a Potter knockoff, but a brilliantly executed tale that is slightly reminiscent of the Potter books.

"Pellucid's Fate Sealers remind me just a bit of Dementors (although not QUITE as scary! Lol) and the Orphanage had a bit of a magical quality to it....sort of like Hogwarts....but yet still completely original. While I admit that it did take a few pages before I was "into" the book, once in, I didn't want to leave. The author manages to put together a captivating story, and at the same time, subtley bring about a wonderful, relevant point about a land where everyone can live together in "Harmony" regardless of whether they are a Sound, an Echo or a "Mongrel" which is another name for someone who is half Sound and half Echo.

"I received this book directly from the author when she noticed I had entered the giveaway for her book. She offered me a copy in exchange for a review. Best decision I've made in a while! I unashamedly admit that I have already contacted Ms. Pellucid and asked if she is going to be writing a sequel to The Sound and the Echoes because I want more (which is another reason it probably reminds me of Potter, as I could never get enough of those either).

"The most amazing thing about this book is..." read the rest of Laurie's review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you, Laurie!!!

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