Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Find a Literary Agent

If you want to find a literary agent for your novel, prepare yourself for a long journey that will cause you many disappointments, but will likely improve your manuscript if you stick with it. Prepare yourself also to waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

As for my personal story, I, in the end, decided to forgo having an agent and became an indie author. I knew that my manuscript was good and ready for publication. And I wanted the readers to determine its fate; not the guardians at the gate.

This said, here's how I went about searching for a literary agent.

1. These are my two favorite sites for searching a literary agent:

2. Create a free account and search for an agent who will fit your book; e.g.: Fiction, YA, Fantasy.

3. Keep a log of the agents you queried, with the date indicated and what you sent; e.g.: query, partial, full. 

4. In your Outlook calendar, mark a future date by which time you will follow up with the agents on partial or fulls. Do not full up on queries! And give agents at least two months.

P.S.: See my previous post on writing the query.

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