Friday, January 11, 2013


Every review of "The Sound and the Echoes" is precious in my eyes! But this one is so beautifully written that I fell in love with it at once. Even better, the writer offers the BEST synopsis of the story I've seen (including better than mine!) Here's are a few snippets from Liz's review on Goodreads:

"The Realm of the Echoes is a beautifully imagined world that apparently lies under Alaska. It’s a world of shadowy reflections, tragedy, and secrets, with its own prejudices. Will is in disguise as he works with new friends to dodge enemies and solve the mysteries holding this land captive in hopes of getting himself and his sister home."

"The protagonist may be only twelve-going-on-thirteen, but the story itself is far more mature, even if the characters are not."

"Bottom-line: Anybody who liked Tolkien would get a kick out of this. It is inevitable that there will be comparisons to Harry Potter, but this is an entirely different type of story."

~~ I hope you'll check out Liz's full review of "The Sound and the Echoes" on Goodreads. ~~

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