Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New 4-Star Reader Review

I love to read reader reviews of "The Sound and the Echoes", and this one is golden. Delaine on Goodreads was a reluctant reader at best. Not the right age group. Not the right genre. The fact that she enjoyed the enchantment of the Echo realm so much was a surprise to her. And a wonderful reward for me. Here's a little of what Delaine wrote in her beautiful book review:

"The plot was intriguing, the graphics were splendid and lived up to what I had in mind of the characters and the settings.
The Sound and the Echoes is an incredible story about the bravery of a young boy who goes to another world beneath his to try and find his sister who has been missing for years as well as to save his Echo who's life is in danger.

"Many compare this book to Harry Potter, and I can see where they can be similar, but Sounds and the Echoes has its own identity. It has a different mission; a different plot. It is a highly creative story in a world that would be a child's fantasy if they had an overactive imagination."

Read the rest of Delaine's review on Goodreads

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