Monday, March 25, 2013

In-depth 4-Star Review from Mlund

This is the most penetrating review written for "The Sound & The Echoes" thus far. It was posted by Mlund on Barnes & Noble. Here's a small portion:

"Every single word Pellucid writes has meaning. Characters are introduced at exactly the right moments and in exactly the right way. Pellucid describes the things that happen in such a beautiful way and thus has created a wonderful new land. The author tells so many underlying stories and tells at least one about every character. Each character has a purpose, and each one has his or her fitting resolution or demise. Some characters are on the quest for knowledge. Some want power. Others have already been corrupted in their desire to gain power and have thus sunk into desolation. But there are a few who want to right the wrongs. There are a few who are fighting for just rules and laws. These are the ones who are fighting for love and peace. And I want them to succeed. I rooted for Will and Peter throughout the entire novel. It is a brilliant tale that opens up many possibilities for future stories. I want to hear more about Peter and Poudini. I want to see everything the characters see. I want to experience Valerie’s flight on the albatross. I want to journey with the King to Olám Shoné. I want to know more about the lives of Damian and Déa. I want to know what Valerie and Emmy experienced in Shadowpain. I want to read about the spirits of the lake, Fluid Conway and Illyria, and the adventures of Auralius.

I did not want to stop reading. I needed to know what happened next. Every event that happened was enthralling, and the author described each one so beautifully. Every event that happened was also necessary to further the message. This story teaches us that the dream for freedom and equality can be accomplished. Books this novel reminds me of include Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, Lloyd Alexander’s the Chronicles of Prydain, C.S. Lewis’ the Chronicles of Narnia, and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. This is a good thing."


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