Monday, April 1, 2013

"A Complex & Beautiful Fantasy Tale", 4-Star Reader Review

Stunning review by Kara on Amazon. Thank you, Kara, for saying so much with so few words!!! Here's a (well... big) portion of the review:

"What a complex and beautiful fantasy tale! Though labeled as 'Young Adult', the story is so intricate, it truly is something to be shared with all ages... the story hits the ground running as 12 year old Will and readers are simultaneously introduced to a whole new realm... He is a Sound who discovers he has an Echo - a sort of reflection of himself that lives in the Echoes realm.

But Will's Echo is special - a Prince on track to be King. There is chaos and conspiracy in the world of Echoes, and Will bravely risks his life to cross over and help his Echo while staying undercover at an Orphanage. Readers are immersed into this beautiful, frozen and at times downright frightening world, as Will and his friends take on the dangerous task of uncovering the mystery of who killed the Prince's father..."

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